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Feather II - Our New Home

For the first time in our history, Re-Member will have a place of our own on the Rez. 100 acres of varying landscape that was formerly a small cattle ranch outside of Porcupine, will eventually become our new home on Pine Ridge. We lovingly refer to the property as "Feather II."

Land ownership on the Rez is a funny thing: we are sensitive to the fact that our land ownership occupies more space that is not open to the Lakota people, and is contrary to their historical and cultural understanding of the communal nature of land. However, we also know that the opportunity for us to establish a long-term permanent presence on the Rez is essential to the work that we do and the continued development of trusting relationships.

As an old working ranch, the property has its share of junk that has piled up over the years. Re-Member staff and members of the Board, along with volunteers have been hard at work this season recycling scrap metal, removing garbage, and sorting through buildings worth of "treasures."

Contact Information
P.O. Box 5054
Pine Ridge, SD 57770 US
(605) 867-2282