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What is a Re-Member Champion?

  • A person who has the passion and commitment to continue to support Re-Member back home.
  • A person who is motivated to assist Re-Member through fund-raising projects, needed supplies for the Lakota people, attracting new Volunteers, and building awareness.

Join with friends to create a Re-Member Champion Circle.

There is power in numbers and it becomes more fun and a united work of love when you work with friends. We will help you find others in your area who want to make a difference for Re-Member. Enjoy getting to know each other and then get creative! How can your Re-Member Champion Circle support Re-Member?

Here are just a few ideas...

  • Hold fundraising events... a Turtle Trot 5K race, a picnic, breakfast/dinner, a golf outing, fishing tournament, cooking class, softball game, garage sale, sell on E-Bay, soup suppers after church.
  • Hold gatherings with your friends/community groups to increase awareness of Re-Member and the Lakota.
  • Contact musicians in your region who are willing to donate their talents for a Re-Member fundraiser.
  • Rake leaves, shovel snow, babysit, walk pets, bake sales, repair vehicles, teach tech skills... what special skills can your Champion Circle members offer?
  • Hold silent auctions/raffles. Seek item donations from friends, businesses, restaurants, other groups.
  • Look for grants that may fit Re-Member (we have people who will do the work if you can get us going).
  • Work with local restaurants to set up a night where a percentage of the sales goes to Re-Member.
  • Help local philanthropists understand Re-Member and the needs of Pine Ridge Reservation.
  • Talk with your governmental representatives to help them understand the Reservation.
  • Do you have other great ideas? Brainstorm with your Champion Circle!

How Can You Become a Re-Member Champion?

It's easy to support us! To learn more, please download the Re-Member Champion Brochure or send an email to