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Completing Your Reservation

Whether by consultation with the Trip Coordinator, or submitting your request for trip online, you will receive a confirmation email from the Trip Coordinator. This confirmation will contain your trip ID, a link for online forms completion and further instructions.

Our Accounting Department will generate an invoice for your non-refundable deposit, which will be due in 14 days.

Volunteer Group/Trip Leader

For all parties of 2 or more, the Group Leader will function as the main contact for the trip. If the Group Leader will not actually attend the trip, a Trip Leader(s) will need to be designated as the point of contact while on site. The Group Leader will be responsible for submitting payment(s); communicating necessary information to all volunteers in their group - making sure that all volunteers have completed/submitted their forms on line; submitting a final group list to the Trip Coordinator; and apprising the Trip Coordinator of their group's travel plans.

Pre-trip Registration

The Trip Coordinator will provide the Group Leader with a Trip ID and a link for online completion of volunteer forms. Upon receipt of this information from the Group Leader, each volunteer must go online to complete and submit their forms.

Pre-trip Education & Background Information

Each Group/Trip Leader is also responsible for preparing their volunteers for the Re-Member experience. We have produced an extensive document to assist in this goal; and all volunteers are encouraged to carefully review the Volunteer Preparation Packet. If there are still questions after reviewing the printed material, please contact the Volunteer Trip Coordinator.

Re-Member Media

We encourage all volunteers to find us on Facebook, where you’ll be able to view video updates from Re-Member, news posts, and photographs from fellow volunteers.

If you’d like to read more about our program, download our Informational Brochure.