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Requesting And Confirming Your Trip:

  • Request your week(s) at Re-Member by visiting
  • Our Trip Coordinator will respond to your reservation request as quickly as possible. If the dates requested are not available, alternative dates will be offered.

Once trip dates have been agreed to, and Re-Member's Terms & Conditions have been signed and submitted, the Trip Coordinator will:

  • Confirm the booking by sending an email to the person requesting the trip (referred to as the Group Leader). The confirmation will include a unique Trip ID, the trip dates, and a link for completion of online volunteer forms.

IMPORTANT: The unique Trip ID and link to the website contained within this email must be given to all volunteers associated with the trip. The Trip ID must be entered accurately on the volunteer forms to ensure the correct volunteers are connected to the correct trip.

Paying For Your Trip:

  • Our Accounting Department will generate invoices for all payments due. Payments can be made by credit card, ACH, check or money order.
  • The deposit is due within 14 days of invoice. Invoices will be generated within one week of the confirmation email from Trip Coordinator. The deposit is $199.67 per person.

IMPORTANT: Per Re-Member's Terms & Conditions, there will be NO refunds for spots dropped after deposit or payment due dates! Group Leaders will need to reserve the number of spots they can fill.

For those people who book their trips five months in advance of trip date or more:

  • The remaining two payments will be broken out, with due dates four months prior to trip date and two months prior to trip date respectively.
  • The remaining two payments will each be $199.67 per person.

Trips are required to be paid in full by two months prior to start date. Trip fees include 4.5% South Dakota tax.

Preparing For Your Trip:

The Group Leader (in the case of groups of two or more) will provide a final Group List to the Trip Coordinator no later than one month prior to trip date. The Group List is provided, with other pertinent documentation, in the trip confirmation email.

IMPORTANT: All volunteers will need to complete their registrations online via the link as mentioned above. This must be done no later than one month prior to trip date.

If there are questions or concerns, please contact the Trip Coordinator at (308) 360-1854 or email at