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Volunteer Trips

Time is one of your most valuable possesions, and also one of the most rewarding things you can give. Sign up for one of our volunteer trips, and you will see the difference a little of your time can make.

Financial Support

All donations are used to improve the lives of the Oglala Lakota people living on Pine Ridge Reservation. To see how your funds will be used, please review our financials.

Planned Giving

We invite you to join the ongoing efforts in funding our un-ending work across the reservation. To this end, we have formed a new giving program, our monthly "Tiospaye Circle" donor program.

Offering a regular monthly gift is effective and convenient. Re-Member will process your credit or debit card on a monthly basis, routing your funds directly to our wawokiye (renovation and repair) projects.

Alternative Gift Program

Our "Be a Dreamcatcher" program, offers a great alternative to traditional gift giving.

Materials & Equipment

We welcome material donations, along with gift cards and/or cash donations to help supplement our materials budget and tool inventory. Please review our wish list.

Feather II

We are purchasing property on Pine Ridge Reservation, which we lovingly refer to as Feather II. Please read more information about our property, and learn how you can contribute to the purchase.