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Way of Life Program


Pronounced Wee-CHO-oo-cha-geh and translated from the Lakota word Wičóuŋčaġe - this means "the way of life."

Re-Member offers an immersive 'second-tier' program about the culture and spirituality of the Lakota, taught by tribal elders. This course is offered as an alternative to our regular volunteer program. All class materials will be provided upon arrival at Re-Member.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a class that is offered to those volunteers who have been through our regular program at least twice before.

Kids' Week

Re-Member offers kids ages 8-11 an authentic, accurate, and meaningful week-long experience in Lakota history and culture on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. This exciting and engaging week includes field trips, guest speakers, Lakota crafting, and Lakota language study. The goal of the week is to create kids who are critical thinkers about the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Lakota history, and Lakota culture in order to be young ambassadors and allies for the Oglala Lakota people across the country and around the world.

PLEASE NOTE: Adults and older family members participate in our regular program.

Healthcare Week

This program is open to those returning volunteers who are health-care professionals and/or students in the fields of nursing, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, podiatry, psychiatry, psychology, dietary/nutrition, occupational and physical therapy, and medical social work.

During this week, volunteers will participate in regular program work projects. Engaging speakers will present on various aspects of health care for the Oglala Lakota on Pine Ridge, and on tour day, a visit to the local healthcare facility will provide the volunteers an opportunity to further integrate the nuances of health care on the Pine Ridge reservation.

The highlight of the week will be a Health and Wellness Fair! During this event, the healthcare professionals will use their career skills and talents to educate Pine Ridge community members on the basics of health and wellness, in a compassionate, fact-filled, fun, and culturally-sensitive manner.

Senior Week

Volunteers of all ages are welcome to participate. Our Senior Week program offers the complete cultural immersion found in our regular program, however, the work projects we focus on are less physically demanding, to accommodate those 55 and older.

Additionally, if unique opportunities for community engagement are available, we will shift from our regular program to participate.